The Necessity Of Atheism


Written by Dr David M.  Brook

“And that is true of the whole range of science. Science is, in fact, atheistic or nothing. It knows nothing of God, it does not bother about God, its triumphs are achieved by leaving God out of account.”



The Evolution Of Religious Beliefs

The Koran And The Old And New Testaments

Mohammed, Jesus, And Moses – Charlatans Or Victims Of Mental And Physical Disease

Soundness Of A Foundation For A Belief In A Deity

The Persistence Of Religion

Religion And Science

Religion And Medicine

Religion And Astronomy

Religion And Geography

Religion And Geology, Philology And Evolution

Religion And Witchcraft

Religion And Morality

Christianity And War

Christianity And Slavery

Christianity And Labor

Religion And Woman

The Philosophers And The Great Illusion

The Doom Of Religion; The Necessity Of Atheism

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