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Nastik Nation is an on-line based forum for atheism, free-thought and secular values. The word nastik generally stands for an atheist in the main languages of the Indian sub-continent, except in Tamil. In Tamil it is naathigam, that too is a word derived from the same Sanskrit word nastik. Nastik Nation is registered as an organisation under the Travancore – Kochi Literary and Science Trust Registration Act, 1955, holding the registration number TVM/TC/247/2020.

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The forum creates text contents, videos and memes to be published on its social media pages and elsewhere. Books concerning atheism and other relevant subjects have also been published by it. So far hundreds of posts and memes have been published. Nastik Nation conducts on-ground programmes too in many cities.

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Nastik Nation has created hundreds of original graphic posts , including textual contents over the years which had gone viral worldwide. These materials have helped in creating a new level in understanding atheism and freethought. To read them please follow us on social media.

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