Abraham T. Kovoor – The Subcontinental Indian Atheist And His Case Studies


Dr Abraham T. Kovoor was a free thinker and rationalist from Kerala, South India who later spent his entire life in Sri Lanka. He was the president of the Rationalist Association of Sri Lanka where he and Dr Carlo Fonseka held regular meetings at Thurston College, Colombo where he was once teaching. He came to the conclusion that there was absolutely no objective truth behind claims and beliefs regarding all kinds of alleged psychic, para-psychological and spiritual phenomena based on his intensive scientific researches for over half a century. He was the crowd pulling atheist orator of his time too.

Dr. Kovoor’s main aim was to enlighten people and teach them to go by reason and scientific verification.


Abraham T. Kovoor — The Person

Kovoor’s Case Diaries — Resurrection of Vasanth Babu Rao

Do We Survive Death?

Rebirth and Prodigies

Bridey Murphy and Simandini — Hypnotic Regression and Rebirth

Rifai Ratheeb — Unravelling a Muslim Miracle!

Witchcraft — Fact Or Fiction

Lady Wonder — A Mind-Reading Horse!

Science of Charms!


The Curative Power of the Water of the River Ganges

Miracles at Lourdes

Deceptive Perceptions

Submarine Telepathy

Extra Sensory  Perception

A Religio-Maniac’s Threat

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Kovur / Covoor / Covur

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