Atheist literary works by Indian rationalist authors are fashioned to meme format by this forum. Nastik Nation has published largest number of memes having the quotes by Periyar E. V. Ramasamy , Ravipudi Venkatadri and other outstanding Indian rationalists and atheists. These memes are made to serve the purpose of giving atheist and free-thought authors and activists a wider reach and more popularity beyond their regional languages.

The organisation also stands for equality for women and their uplifting and criticizes the women-oppressive and unjust standing of religions that includes discrimination of women on the background of gender, culture and religion. The forum supports dalit causes too. And it tries to see a caste-less community. To this end, it spreads themes and ideas and supports dalit resistance across India.


♥ Nastik Nation has created hundreds of original graphic posts , including textual contents over the years which had gone viral worldwide.

♥ These materials have helped in creating a new level in understanding atheism and freethought.

♥ Historically prominent Indian atheists and their movements have been promoted which were otherwise not available.

♥ It has translated outstanding atheist promos from all Indian languages into English, so that all well educated Indians can read, understand, enjoy and populate them.

♥ Likewise, after getting them in English the readers could themselves translate back to their language too. An interesting Tamil meme, for instance, can easily be translated to Bengali or Oria if it was available in English, since Tamil is not widely learned in India.

♥ It has been influencing younger generation through its online activism since its beginning. People aged between 24 and 35 years make the heavy chunk of Nastik Nation’s audience, about 58 percent.