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👉 [ తెలుగులో రావిపూడి ద్వారా మరిన్ని పుస్తకాలు ]

Ravipudi Venkatadri is one of the most authentic writers on rationalism and atheism in India.

Born into a middle class peasant family in 1922 at Nagandla, a village in Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh, Ravipudi Ventadri turned to rationalist ideas during the year 1940. He is the founder director of Kavirajasram (1943). He was the president of Rationalist Association of Andhra Pradesh, Rationalist Association of India, Radical Humanist Association, AP, Hema (Rationalist Humansit) foundation, founder editor  of Hetuvadi (Rationalist Telugu monthly).

Venkatadri is an activist in the rationalist and humanist movements. He conducted and headed a number of study camps to educate the cadre on rationalist and humanist lines. He has written extensively in Telugu on science, religion, rationalism, Marxism, materialism,  atheism and other subjects. Some of his works have been translated to several Indian languages. He is one of the notable and fearless critics of religion, idealism and totalitarianism.

Click the link below to see more books written by Ravipudi Venkatadri in Telugu, English, Malayalam etc:

👉 [ తెలుగులో రావిపూడి ద్వారా మరిన్ని పుస్తకాలు ]

7 reviews for Ravipudi Venkatadri Works రావిపూడి వెంకటాద్రి రచనలు – Links to More Books (తెలుగు, English etc.)

  1. Muraleedhar Jangam

    Original thinker in Telugu

  2. Vinay Mouli

    very good books

  3. Prakash Rao

    Great thinker from Telugu

  4. Kanikella Srinivas

    His books influenced me a lot

  5. Chinta Reddy

    Excellent philosopher in Telugu language

  6. Muske Jyothiprasad

    Great writer, who influenced people like me

  7. Krishna Reddy

    More people need to read his work

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