Mata Amritanandamayi – The Death of Her Own Brother And Other Mysterious Stories

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A book that does a deep study into the world of  Mata Amritanandamayi, and the mysterious deaths that occurred at her ashram, which includes her own elder brother Subhagan. The book also throws light on the dark side of her world, that covers the  illegal and unethical  practices with which she rose to the fame of a living god.



Background of Babas and Ammas 
Chapter 1
Ignorant People and Enthusiastic Babas 
Chapter 2
Sudhamani – the Girl Who Became Mata 
Chapter 3
Stories of Miraculous Childhood 
Chapter 4
Against Scientific Association 
Chapter 5
Abusing of Atheists 
Chapter 6
Miracle Claims 
Chapter 7
Divine Pregnancy 
Chapter 8
Genuineness of Curing Illnesses 
Chapter 9
Divine Vision or Illusions of the Mind? 
Chapter 10
Comparison with a Hot Actress 
Chapter 11
The Beginning of Kissing and Hugging Mata 
Chapter 12
Is Mata A Saviour? 
Chapter 13
The Death of Her Own Brother 
Chapter 14
Death of Satnam Singh Mann 
Chapter 15
Death of Narayanan Kutty 
Chapter 16
Death of Amma’s Cousin 
Chapter 17
Dhuramdhar the Historian 
Chapter 18
Mata’s Uncle’s Complaint Against Her Father 
Chapter 19
Mata’s Father Attempts Rape of Manimallika 
Chapter 20
The Money Lending Taken to the Courtrooms 
Chapter 21
Counter File by the Accused 
Chapter 22
College Magazine Turns Irritable 
Chapter 23
Protests of the Natives 
Chapter 24
The Strike at Amrita Institute 
Chapter 25
Mistaken Notions  
Chapter 26
Swami Sandeepanandagiri Opposing Mata
Chapter 27
Damaging the Fragile Mother Nature, Repeatedly 
Chapter 28
Labour Department Raids Amrita Hospital 
Chapter 29
Failed Attempt to Prosecute Mata Critic 

Matha Amruthanandamayi / Amma / Amritha

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