Malayalam Dalit Writings in English Translation


Malayalam Dalit Writing in English Translation 


Vishnu Narayanan 


The Dalit situation of being fragmented, to take it literally, is about being fragmented in terms of languages too, they do not have a unified literary premise to gather their histories and ideas of resistance. It is the need of the hour that an academic move be made so that English translations of research articles from Dalit studies, spread across regional languages, are made available for common use. This book is the product of a translation workshop conducted by the Institute of English, University of Kerala, in March 2017 whose purpose was to address the absence of nationally usable research-level materials in the field of Dalit studies. it sought to translate from Malayalam, articles on the representations culture, histories and obviously literature. This book is a small gesture in this direction featuring the translations of 16 research articles written by eminent Dalit writers in the last two decades.

Pages 306 Rate 390




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