This forum is dedicated to transforming atheist literary works by Indian rationalist authors into a ‘meme’ format. Nastik Nation has gained recognition for publishing the largest number of memes featuring quotes by prominent Indian rationalists and atheists such as Periyar E. V. Ramasamy and Ravipudi Venkatadri. The purpose of these memes is to amplify the voices of atheist and free-thought authors and activists, enabling them to reach a wider audience and gain more popularity beyond their regional languages.

The organization also advocates for gender equality and criticizes the oppressive treatment of women within religions, which includes discrimination based on gender, culture, and religion. Nastik Nation supports causes related to the Dalit community and strives to foster a society without caste divisions. It spreads various themes and ideas while offering support to Dalit resistance movements across India.


 Nastik Nation organizes seminars, e-meetups, and gatherings in numerous locations, inviting prominent speakers and activists who champion secular values and free thought.

Over the years, Nastik Nation has created a multitude of original graphic posts, including written content, which have gained viral attention worldwide.

These materials have contributed to a deeper understanding of atheism and free thought in India, establishing a new level of discourse.

The forum has played a crucial role in promoting historically significant Indian atheists and their movements, making their work accessible to a wider audience.

Nastik Nation has translated remarkable atheist promotions from various Indian languages into English, ensuring that educated Indians can read, comprehend, enjoy, and disseminate them.

Moreover, by providing translations in English, readers have the opportunity to translate the content back into their own languages. For example, an intriguing Tamil meme can be easily translated into Bengali or Odia if it is available in English, considering that Tamil is not widely studied across India.

Since its inception, Nastik Nation has been influencing the younger generation through its online activism, leaving a lasting impact on their mindset and beliefs.