***Bullshit Hinduism And Its Cow


Collection of Memes by Nastik Nation – Vol 2

This is the second in the meme book series by Nastik Nation. The first volume could bring in interest in many of its readers. These graphical attempts to convey atheist and free-thought ideas have seen enough interesting people on the social media. Some of the memes contained in this volume was reached by more than one crore people, for which I am so happy.

The chief aim of publishing these memes is creating awareness in people who may never have a chance to taste atheism. So its purpose on Nastik Nation is to attracting the faithful to the unbelievers’ world, in India and worldwide, through its memes in  English.

This volume carries a few memes that had to be recalled or banned by Facebook due either to people heavily asking for the same or to reporting to Facebook.

Most of our critics complain that we only target Hindu religion and are completely blind on other faiths. We don’t say it is not correct. Yes, we targeted Hinduism mostly just because there isn’t enough people or groups of people doing this job. Activists in India depend largely on western memes and infographics when it comes to criticising religion and professing atheism. We don’t say India specific atheist memes are totally absent, though.  Our concern is only its low scale. So we tried to fill the gap there by focussing more on Hinduism. Of course we published occasionally some anti- Christian and Muslim posts when there were issues in the country pertaining to these faiths.

We hope that readers will enjoy this volume too.


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