Nastik Nation is an on-line forum for atheism and free-thought. The word nastik generally stands for an atheist in the main languages of the Indian peninsula, except in Tamil. In Tamil it is naathigam, that too is a word derived from the same Sanskrit word nastik. “A person who doesn’t believe in the existence of god” is the original meaning of the Sanskrit word, nastik.

The forum creates text contents, videos and memes to be published on its social media pages. These are meant for promoting atheism, secularism and free-thinking.
Nastik Nation rolls out such memes and videos regularly taking into account the popularity of memes and videos on social media as a preferred and quick medium for exchanging ideas which can later be shared and re-shared by persons who would like to promote these ideas on their own. The forum raises up issues on behalf of public interest through newspapers and other media including social media. It questions using public places for advertising religious and superstitious programs and ideas. It writes to governments in India and their bodies to this effect. To fight against superstition and casteism the forum creates original contents and translates similar texts from Indian languages to English which are available online.

So far hundreds of such posts have been published by this forum. To have a look at them, please visit these online pages using the links provided on this website.