Social Media Takes on Mata Amruthananda Mayi With Killer Trolls.

As part of a convention, Ayyappa Sava Sanghamam,  conducted by some Hindu organizations, celebrated God-women Mata Amritananda Mayi delivered speech that was a rally  of  blunders,  petty logic and utter nonsense.

Once on n a foreign trip she told a reporter that she worked ‘26 hours’ a day. Social media and trolling was yet to be around then. This time her speech was smeared with comparing things in a silly way. The social media is celebrating her speech by making such trolls : you can light up a candle with  a match striking on a match box; but you can’t light a match by striking it on a candle. Another one says: Cream biscuit has cream, but Tiger biscuit  has not tiger. These were just the imitation of what she said in a serious manner.

One troller advices her to attend a literacy program like Saksharata Mission and get literate, just like other old illiterate people who were motivated to do so as part of a State-wide campaign decades back in Kerala.

At the end of her speech she raised a saranam, chanting, ‘’ Lord Ayyappa Ki Jai’’, instead of the regular ‘’Swami Saram’’, which also prompted several  to breathless laughing.

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