Youth targeted for defaming Allah by comparing him with the parody god Dinakan, but the court frees him on bail

Alappuzha: K T Nishanth, a blogger and a freethinker who contributes to atheist blogs and social media had been charged with blasphemy case with non-bail-able sections. The youth later had presented himself before the court and demanded bail on the ground that the police case had been triggered by the extremist organisation SDPI that was creating a lot of law and order issues across the State. Nishanth argued that they (SDPI activists) are betraying the police by asking for the arrest simply because the outfit wants to make the issue to serve their own purposes of creating unrest in the State. Besides this Nishanth pointed out that he never did the crime of blaspheme or the crime of creating enmity between two religions. He told the district magistrate before whom he was produced that he only illustrated the story of Dimsan, parody of Ramzan, wherein the Dinkoists eat lots of food before sun set and after the daybreak respecting the parody god Dinkan’s miserable days in a mouse trap. Dinkan the god of Dinkoists is a comic character, a mouse with extraordinary powers.  This character appeared in a Malayalam children’s magazine, Balamangalam; interestingly the publication of the periodical was closed down a decade ago in the least. The freethinking community in the State of Kerala took him for their “God” to make sarcasms and trolls on social media which are enjoyed ardently by thousands of followers.

The magistrate after reading the entire parody story that appeared on his Facebook wall, observed that the accused did nothing by writing the story since it didn’t violate any sections. She also pointed out that Quran itself was challenged before the Supreme Court for being blasphemous to other religions like Hinduism. But the apex court dismissed the case just to maintain secular traditions. In other words, she told if we took everything on line with this no court will have enough time to dispense other petitions.  The youth was granted bail, and the freethinking community in the State is celebrating his successful walk-way with the bail.

Earlier in the week SDPI had demonstrated a protest march in a location in Alappuzha to arrest Nishant and punish him and complained with the local police to arrest him, upon which the police started the said action.

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One thought on “Youth targeted for defaming Allah by comparing him with the parody god Dinakan, but the court frees him on bail

  1. It is high time the contents of the religious books are made a part of curriculum. Teaching the religion by priests, if at all done through the their institutions should be under ruthless scrutiny. Translations of the entire religious books should be made available without any deviation or interpretation so that one who reads them make out what is truth and requires to be relied upon or not. The free for all business should be curtailed so that people are not mislead or kept unaware of the truth relying on the version of hard core fanatics bent upon creating issues out of nothing.

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