Month: December 2017

A Post on the Genuineness of Prophet Mohammed’s Father on Yukthivadi Malayalam Facebook Page Sees Kerala Muslim Sects at Fury.

A post on Yukthivadi page in Malayalam on Facebook challenged the common belief about Ahmad being the prophet’s biological father.  This post, along with a few more Islam related posts, was shared by a youth named Bibin Mohan from Vandithadam township of Idukki district, that had the very popular tourist terrain, Munnar.  Vandithadam Jama’at Committee mobilized popular flare up against the post on which effect the post was repealed by the youth. Later the youth was summoned by the local police to register a case on him under the pressing demand by Muslim organisations around. Later Bibin was released on account of self station-bail.

But the committee didn’t want to go soft on this and they demonstrated a protest march in the township of Vandithadam and  half a day hartal was asked to observe. The town saw  a dharna too today  where the protesters asked for the arrest of the amins on the Yukthivadi Malayalam page.

The admins of Yukthivadi  later posted on their Facebook page that they would not take back the post  and were ready to face the consequences.