3 Year Old Was Tied For Three Hours At Shobha Yatra. An Onlooker Finds The Kid In Danger And He Calls 1098 Child Help Line To Rescue.

This incident occurred in Payyannur, Kerala during Krishna Jayanti Fest. Srikant Usha Prabhakaran, who happened to see a boy of 3 years on a huge artificial leaf at a the road show brought this to public notice through social media. The  boy was too exhausted after hour long stay in the hot sun. He was keeping his face side-ward to save himself from the challenging sunlight. Srikant called the child help line to get help for the boy. Having no one to make a police complaint there was no filing of any case till now. It has been pointed out that it is a State responsibility to book the culprit. Of late Shobha Yatra related child abuse has been on the rise across Kerala.

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